Tuesday, August 26, 2008

AS Of today, you're in debt an additional $31,600.16!

By l.t. Dravis

WASHINGTON, D.C. – August 26, 2008 – According to the U.S. National Debt Clock (www.brillig.com/debt_clock/), as of 5:32P19 PM, GMT today, the outstanding public debt is $9,625,819,675,894.10 (that’s Nine Trillion, six hundred twenty-five billion, eight hundred and nineteen million, six hundred seventy-five thousand, eight hundred and ninety-four dollars and 10 cents)!

Since the estimated population of the United States is approximately 304,612,951 men, women, and children, your share of the debt is $31,600.16.

To make matters worse, the National Debt grows by $1.86 billion, plus compounding interest, each and every day.

Don’t like having your economic future and the economic futures of your children and grandchildren mortgaged by 535 people you don’t even know?

Okay . . . why don’t you tell them how you feel?

It’s simple. You have only three people to contact: Two United States Senators and one Representative.

You can track down your senators by clicking on (www.senate.gov/). You then click on Senators and you’ll find a list of these big-spending 100 folks by state.

You can find your flush representative by clicking on (www.house.gov/). Click on Representatives, click on Write Your Representative, key in your state and zip code, and you’re on your way.

Don’t bother with a phone call . . . you’re likely to wind up talking to an aide who may or may not accurately translate your message to your representative or senator. Don’t waste your time with snail mail. With post-911 security concerns, a letter could take three months or longer to arrive . . . long after your concern may no longer be a concern.

Use Email . . . it’s quick, concise, and your message won’t be subject to translation. Most important, you will have sent a documented message that is tough to ignore.

It’s easy to criticize politicians who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, work only a few days a week, take all kinds of breaks, and have benefits and pensions most of us can only dream of while their earmarks and boondoggles bury the future of the nation under mounds of debt.

But that’s not what this is about. This is about change, real change. This is about you telling your elected officials what you need and want from your government. This is about change you and millions of people just like you can make happen if only you’ll make the effort to consistently communicate with your elected representatives, intelligently and respectfully.

So be smart . . . introduce yourself with a clear, concise, reasonable, message that will get your elected representative’s attention and action. When a representative or senator receives an intelligent inquiry, suggestion, or comment, they tend to respond quickly and thoughtfully . . . and that’s precisely what you want them to do.

Keep in mind that politicians worry about the two things that keep them in office: Money and public opinion . . . so you’re fifty percent of the way there when you click send.

If we’re ever going to turn around a government gone wild, if we’re ever going to eliminate the influence of special interests and lobbyists, if we’re ever going to have a truly responsive government as envisioned by the framers of the Constitution, and if we’re ever going to pay down that National Debt, we have no choice but to communicate clearly and often with our elected officials.

After all, if you don’t speak to your representative and senators, the lobbyists and special interests will and we know where that leads.

The choice is yours.

Copyright © 2008 by l.t. Dravis. All rights reserved.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, Email me at LTDAssociates@msn.com (goes right to my desk) and since I personally answer every Email, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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