Sunday, December 7, 2008

BUSH, Cheney . . . shall we pray?

The 'Big' Men

By l.t. Dravis

SOMEWHERE IN THE WINDMILLS OF GEORGE W. BUSH’S MIND – Saturday, December 6, 2008 – What brought our almost erstwhile President George W. Bush (remember him?) out of the shadows of the White House this week?

Some think Bush came out into the open because of a Labor Department report which confirms that under his vicarious leadership, the nation has chalked up another ignoble statistic in the Bush/Cheney record book: American businesses dumped 533,000 Americans out of their jobs in the month of November, reportedly the largest job loss in 34 years.

After more than 7½ years of deft leadership, skilled management, and responsible budgets, Bush, Cheney, and their helpers finally managed to punch up the unemployment rate to 6.7%, the highest rate we’ve seen in a decade and a half.

George W. Bush surprised lots of us today when he said, “I am concerned about the viability of the automobile companies.”

Don’t get me wrong . . . I don’t mean to get your hopes up.

One moment of near-lucidity doesn’t mean that George W. Bush actually understands – or even cares – that 3 million Americans could lose their jobs if the Federal government doesn’t ‘loan’ 34 billion ‘conditional’ taxpayer dollars to Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.

Bush confounded millions of Americans who believe he’s a complete fool and even those who don’t think he’s a complete fool, when he said, “I’m concerned about those who work for the automobile companies and their families.” (QUESTION: Did the President mean he’s concerned about people who work for automobile companies and the families of those automobile companies or did he mean he’s concerned about the families of people who work for automobile companies?) “And, likewise (sic), I am concerned about taxpayer money being provided to those companies that may not survive.”

George W. Bush’s concern for ‘taxpayer money’ is out of character for a man who blew through Bill Clinton’s legacy budget surplus like there was no tomorrow, ran up huge deficits every year of his presidency, and who leaves American taxpayers, their children, and grandchildren in debt to the tune of more than $10 trillion . . . and counting.

House Speaker Pelosi, Chairman of the House Financial Service Committee Barney Frank, and Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid know they can’t trust the President of the United States to save millions of American jobs. So they came up with a ‘backdoor’ stunt to prevent the bankruptcies and liquidations of Chrysler and General Motors in the next couple of months. Congress will use $25 billion Congress already approved to help Detroit design and build truly fuel-efficient cars and trucks to keep Chrysler and GM in business until January 20, 2009 when a real, oops, I mean, our next President will be in the White House.

Because George W. Bush refuses to back current Congressional efforts to provide meaningful ‘bridge loans’ to the Big Three automakers, taxpayers will be forced to throw away $25 billion over the next 44 days on a ‘cash-flow bailout’.

Given the staggering economic realities facing the Big Three Detroit automakers, what other choice do we have?

Would it be possible to get George W. Bush and Dick Cheney out of the way by bringing them up on impeachment charges for gross incompetence compounded by a thorough lack of character and integrity?

Nice thought, but no dice . . . not enough time.

What if millions of taxpayers went to Washington D.C., got down on their knees, and ‘begged’ the President and Vice-President to please go home so Nancy Pelosi could be the Interim President who would immediately sign off on a sensible series of bridge loans to make the Detroit Big Three competitive?

Naw . . . who’s to say that Bush or Cheney would notice, much less care?

President-elect Obama, Vice-President-elect Biden, and the economic transition team could take over the White House tomorrow, put the finishing touches on a comprehensive loan package for Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors, get congressional approval, and save 3 million jobs.

Then again, it probably wouldn’t be constitutional to take over the White House. Besides, if Bush and Cheney happened to realize they weren’t alone, the country could get bogged down in a costly 44 day court battle and Obama might even lose credibility with millions of conservatives around the country.

Okay, then, what other choices do we have?

Give me a moment . . . let me think through every possible contingency.

Hold on . . . I’m thinking.

Hold on . . . I’m still thinking.

Hold on . . . And, I’m still thinking.

Okay . . . I’ve thought it through and I know precisely what we can do.

Care to join me in prayer?

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